Zombies Vs. Humans………..

………is what it looks at the IMS this morning. Scores of perky volunteers are setting up for this morning’s half marathon, due to sweep through the Speedway grounds around 8:00 a.m.
FSGPtires3DSC_1373.jpgIn last night’s briefing solar car teams were told to be at the track no later than 6:00 a.m. to avoid a crush of traffic. Missouri S&T and Michigan State followed orders and found themselves in a deserted parking lot wondering “where the heck is everybody else?” No race officials, no nothin’ but two schools’ bleary-eyed crew members zombies staggering around incoherently, mourning the extra hour of sleep that might have been.
This morning’s 53 degrees seem almost balmy compared to much of this past week, and rain is approaching from the west so we doubt any solar car endurance records will fall today.
Most of the teams took advantage of last night’s sunset to charge their cars in anticipation of a power shortage today. S&T did seem to get its tire-chewing alignment corrected last night, just in time to get a lap or two under their belts. Dan Leafblad and Justin Reynolds put a lot of effort into wrestling new tires on aluminum wheels, while we hear of another team that put tire sealer on a rim rather than dish detergent. Note to team: glue is NOT the same thing as lubricant.
Back to track activities, today not only features 30,000+ health freaks running the 2.5-mile course, but a balloon glow, an Allison Transmission-hosted Emerging Technology showcase, hybrid formula car exhibits, and the Formula Sun Grand Prix of course. The night closes out with fireworks, but by that time the Miners will be having dinner with some great local alumni.
Update: 7:00 a.m. local time.
The PA system has come to life blaring the Beach Boys’ “Little Deuce Coup”, five teams have their arrays pointed toward a fast-disappearing morning sun, and there is still no sign of the hordes of people expected at the track.
Just goes to prove that “no good dead shall go unpunished.”