Top Ten Updates From The Brickyard!

1. “Ma” Letha made so much spaghetti that the Miners could feed the entire Iowa State team, and still have some left over. An Iowa State driver responded with a fist-pumping “YES MISSOURI S&T!!!!” as if they hadn’t eaten real food in days
2. At one point today eight of the eleven cars were back in the cold pits trying to work out “issues”
3. Only Northwestern, Illinois State and Minnesota were counting laps, so there were more corner workers than cars.
4. The weather today? Gorgeous!
5. The weather tomorrow? Rain showers in the morning
6. Chief electrical engineer and team leader Justin Dobrynski worked out the hiccup in the battery protection system that kept them out of today’s running
7. Northwestern’s solar car advisor builds race cars, and has jumped in at every chance to help S&T solve their handling and braking problems.
8. With Northwestern’s help, and a long night of technological magic from Rayco Machine Engineering Group, Inc., Missouri S&T cleared the dynamic test hurdle, and is set to run the track all day tomorrow
9: S&T students who had to finish six final exams on the road, did!
10. A Discovery Channel video crew spent most of the day interviewing drivers, shooting cars on the track, and capturing the atmosphere of the most important race* ever held in Indianapolis.
*Not really, but that’s what one grinning solar racer asked us to say.