SMVII Heads Back To The Track

The Miners, with a lot of help from our Principia College friends, have just completed an eyeball chassis alignment. There’s only 20 minutes left in today’s racing but they are gonna try to squeeze in a few more laps.
In the meantime there is a tortoise-and-hare race developing between Michigan and Michigan State. We’ll leave it up to those two teams to decide who is the “little sister”, but here’s what we see.
Michigan has an exquisite piece of industrial art that is extremely fast, but they are turning very few laps.
Rookie team Michigan State arrived with a car that only a mother could love. MichStateSUN_0367.jpg
Looks like someone covered a sheet of plywood with solar cells, dropped it on a bathtub equipped with wheels, and glued on a canopy from an F-117 jet as an afterthought. But you know what? It has been running laps for a good part of the day, and it may well win in-state bragging rights!
In the meantime Minnesota, Northwestern, and Illinois State have been running pretty much all day. Kentucky is making slow but steady progress, Western Michigan is back out there and courageous newcomer New Mexico managed a few laps early today.