Rain and Rain-X

According to the threatening skies and weather radar, we should be in a downpour right now, but little precipitation seems to be hitting the pavement. We’ve been watching thousands of half-marathon runners loop through the track for at least the last hour, with news choppers overhead providing breathless (sorry!) coverage of today’s kick-off event.
FSGP rainxDSC_1477.jpgFSGPmarathonDSC_1407.jpg
Most of the cars are aiming their arrays eastward in a probably futile attempt to grab that last little bit of power. Rain-X has become the hot commodity, since these cars have no defrosters, heaters, or windshield wipers, so everyone is coating the inside and outside of their windshields with the stuff.
And the breakfast menu? The menu has changed from trail mix and potato chips to dry donuts and weak orange juice, thanks to an emergency grocery store run.
For lunch? A smorgasbord of leftovers that Letha has been carefully hoarding. That means this afternoon all the gear will be cleaned up, organized and put away.
Dinner? The FSGP folks are hosting a dinner/awards event around 5 p.m., followed by partying with Miner alums.