Kind Words From A True “Good Samaritan”

We’ve already mentioned how Rayco Machine Engineering Group saved S&T’s bacon by helping rebuild Solar Miner VII’s kingpin and front spindles in the middle of the night.
Rayco owner Greg Cox and his wife Angi did us one better by showing up at FSGP Saturday to cheer on S&T, and later emailed us the following:
“Thanks for the kind words!”
“This is what we are supposed to do. We at Rayco have been very blessed during our 30+ years in business. We have not been blessed because we turn people away. We are a family business, and family couldn’t have slept knowing we wouldn’t help this team succeed with what I am sure is thousands of hours of work. Richard and Dan were amazing! Always offering to run machines or just lend a hand, and it was awesome to hear them praising their teammates and the university. Missouri S&T should be very proud of these two!”
“Best of luck to the entire team and the university during this and the many challenges ahead.”
God bless!
Greg Cox
RAYCO Machine Engineering Group

To paraphrase a student who said “there’s a whole lot more to engineering than just engineering”, we’d like to honor Greg, his wife Angi, their son Garrett, and their design engineer Mark Bendit by saying:
“There’s a whole lot more to business than just business!”