A Tip Of The Hat To Indianapolis!

We’ve been going on ad nauseam about human-powered vehicle and solar car events for the past week, so let’s take a moment to recognize Hoozier hospitality………….
FSGP winnerscircle.jpg First, the staff at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, from the PR folks, the safety patrols, and even the IMS police officers were a joy to hang around with. Every request we made, no matter how small, was handled with friendly professionalism and great cooperation. When the track was not available for a solar car group photo, they offered the beautiful courtyard behind race control’s “pagoda”. When we asked for a ladder, they provided a cherry-picker complete with two-man crew and all the necessary safety gear. IMS staff even hosted the FSGP awards presentation in the track’s winners circle, then duplicated part of it in front of a larger crowd at the Emerging Tech Day’s main stage. To top things off Duke Energy and Allison Transmission surprised students and race officials alike by presenting several large checks for student scholarships.
On a individual note each IMS staffer we encountered seemed to have just one objective, to make sure their guests had a great experience at the track. They were patient and flexible when people wandered into off-limits areas, got back to us with quick answers to questions, and took time to have friendly conversations about whatever subjects came to mind. And if they had to tell someone they couldn’t wander around on the track, they did so with such a sympathetic smile that you felt bad about being a nuisance.
Couldn’t ask for more!