Shaken, Not Stirred; And It Never Hurts To Ask…….

S&T’s Concrete Canoe Team likes to attach a “theme” to each year’s boat, and this year it’s “Bond. James Bond.” Now 007 usually sports some pretty fancy hardware on land, in the air, or on the sea. Don’t think it very likely that Sir Bond would make use of a heavy, hard-to-control boat, but team leader emeritus Arch Creasy figured “how will we know if we don’t ask?”
So Arch made a call* to Sean Connery’s assistant (really!) and invited the star to this weekend’s competition in Kansas. Apparently Mr. Connery and his agent discussed the team’s request at length because they put Arch on hold. For a very looooooooooooooong time. Arch is still hoping to get a call back, but the event is just days away.
Back to the Miners’ canoe, it has a raised prow to split the waves and lots of freeboard amidship to keep the craft afloat. DSC_9229.jpgThe ship’s Nom de guerre is From Rolla, With Love, and this being an engineering town we really don’t know how to explain that moniker without getting in lots of trouble.
Anyway, pay no attention to the yellow garter belt cinched tightly around the canoe. The Miners found minor cracks in the boat when it rose from the Dow foam mold a few weeks back. They are keeping the strap in place to keep the boat intact during the drive to K State. That’s their story and they are sticking to it!
*Who says engineers aren’t imaginative and fun to be around? Maybe at MU other schools, but not in Rolla, home of the “Best Ever” St Pat’s celebration for over 100 years!