Prepare to Launch!

In his book, “Prepare to Launch: The Astronaut Training Process”, Erik Seedhouse says “today’s astronauts require many different abilities. They must not only be expert in performing flight simulations but must also be proficient in such dissimilar subjects as photography, thermodynamics, electrical repairs, flight procedures, oceanography, public affairs, and geology.”
That same concept applies to S&T’s Advanced Aero Vehicle Group’s rocket team. Their project awards points for strong PR and outreach efforts, their rocket must take specific photos during its trajectory, and, yeah, they must be great engineers.
The Miners have been at NASA’s Huntsville, Alabama facility for two days, and like S&T’s Baia SAE Team, had to suffer through a day of dangerous storms and tornado warnings. Things were so bad, we hear, that NASA scrubbed tomorrow’s rocket flights, and they’ll try again on Sunday. Best guess is that the launch site is too muddy for vehicle traffic, so the aero guys and gals may come down to Jasper to cheer the Baja “Mud Miners”as they get coated in sticky red mud.
You can read more about the AAVG rocket design here here, but we’ll try to bring you news and photos from both events.