If you can’t catch the FIRST Tech Challenge in person…


There may not be any cheeseheads at our FIRST Tech Challenge, but there will be plenty of fast-paced action. Check in via the live-stream if you can’t be here in person on Saturday, Feb. 26.

We hope a lot of our readers will be on hand for the FIRST Tech Challenge state championship here on the Missouri S&T campus this Saturday.
This is the first year S&T has hosted the statewide championship, and we’re looking for a great turnout, with hundreds of students, their coaches and parents, and spectators for the event.
But if you can’t be here in person, you can catch the event live online, thanks to the good work of our Video Communications Center staff. Just check the live stream (Windows Media Player required to view) throughout the day Saturday to get a peek at the action.
We’ll be hosting the event again this time next year, and the next, so you’ll have a chance to see the robots in action again next February.
(More information about FIRST and the FIRST Tech Challenge is available online at www.usfirst.org.)