The Semester Has Barely Started, And One Team Is Already On The Road

DSC_0064_2.jpgTen student design teams that operate within Student Design and Experiential Learning Center (SDELC), but every so often a special group arises to capture our imagination by tackling a special project. Just because.
Whittney Metcalf, Andrew Sourk and David Long have been quietly working all summer to build MinerDetails, a purpose-built bicycle that will go very fast. As we speak these three Miners are en route to Battle Mountain, Nevada and the World Speed Challenge event, where the Nevada Highway Dept closes down Hwy 305. Just because.
Just because professional riders, college teams, and a few er, eccentrics want to see how fast they can pedal a bike (or trike).
Back in ’07 Jerrod Bouchard drove StreaMiner, the machine that debuted Missouri S&T’s new logo, and came oh! so close to breaking the collegiate speed record of 61.5 mph, and now the Miners are back to set TWO records. This crew designed a much lighter faired bike that has to accommodate two different-sized riders. DSC_0081BTLMTN.jpgJust because Whittney wants to establish the womens’ collegiate record (no record exists at press time), and David wants to pick up where Jerrod left off three years ago.
This new craft is made of aluminized carbon fiber edit. fiberglass, so it is light, strong, and it looks really sharp in the sunlight. Why? Just because.
Anway, this intrepid trio put the finishing touches on MinerDetails yesterday and headed west. They’re due in Salt Lake City tonight, and will pull into Battle Mountain early tomorrow afternoon to join perhaps dozens of racers who turn a local hotel into a bicycle workshop.
Race qualifying starts Monday morning, and there are a few changes since our last visit. Word is that NVDOT has repaved that long, flat section of Hwy 305 so it’ll be a smoother ride, and this year racing will take place twice a day, morning and evening, so riders get more runs, and we don’t sit around bored all day long waiting for the supper-time sprints.
We’ll have more info and photos tomorrow night so stay tuned.
Why? Because it’s what we do.