Pedal Speed Records Now Seem Distant Hope

As reported this morning, Whittney proved that MinerDetails’ power train is in reasonable shape. She managed to qualify with a timed 27mph on the two-mile course, in what race officials called a “white-knuckled, non-wind-assisted, and cardboard-streamlined run.”
The joking “cardboard” comment referred to the cardboard panels used to protect our riders’ knees and elbows while they work without a canopy. They reasoned that once they overcame the mechanical problems, riding with the full aerodynamic wouldn’t be much of a stretch. But now that idea has hit a snag.
It seems that the windshield is too small and too far down on the fairing for the riders to see properly. David and Whittney sit slightly higher than the windshield so they can only see a short distance ahead of the bike, and can’t get a fix on the horizon to help keep their balance. It looks like it’ll take another late night of modification if S&T’s crew is to get a crack at the five-mile run up to the 200 meter time trap.
There are a few more days to go of highway sprints, but things are looking less optimistic.