Day #2 In Battle Mountain

Andrew, Whittney and David are still working the bugs out of MinerDetails. They’re making progress, eliminating one drive-train issue at a time, getting the bike to the point where it’ll qualify.
This event runs through Saturday, so there’s a lot of time yet to make things right. Qualifying takes place in the morning, and the evening is strictly for timed events. Some of the pros are turning in times of 77 or 78 mph, and one bike crashed just as it went through the timing gate. Did you know that out here in the desert you can hear the sound of fiberglass sliding down the asphalt from miles away?
Anyway, no word on the bike but the rider is fine.
And when Whittney, David and Andrew aren’t sleeping or working on the bike, they are in their rooms studying.
More photos and stories later today. And it is 43 degrees out there.