Battle Mountain/Speed Challenge Update

Last night we reported the riders’ problems with visibility due to MinerDetails’ small windshield. Overnight Andrew Sourk and David Long not only enlarged the bike’s windshield and installed two side windows, but they did it in such a professional manner that you couldn’t even tell that it was a last-minute retrofit. The three windows blended perfectly with the vehicle’s aerodynamic lines, and gave Whittney and David a much better chance of completing a timed run.
Road conditions were perfect this morning. Dead calm, moderate temps, and right after the Battle Mountain school bus went by, plenty of time to start. Andrew tried three times to get Whittney started, but on the first attempt the drive chain popped off the gears just as she started rolling, and threw the bike on its side. On the second and third attempts Andrew strained his arm trying to keep the bike balanced, and was unable to guide the bike until Whittney could power down the track. After three tough tries, race officials decided to cancel the test runs so they’d still have time to run the top-class riders, and Whittney opted to help other teams in the catch area, while Andrew headed back to town to look after his arm.
Tomorrow’s plans still aren’t clear, and further blog postings will be a bit less detailed. We have to return to campus for an event that supports all SDELC teams, so we’ll do our best to cover the remaining Speed Challenge attempts via cell phone.
Hang in there, Miners! You never know what the final result will be.