Robotics Team, Aluminator Make Design Finals!!!!

There are fifty eight CORRECTION! Only 48 showed up! IGVC robotics teams from six countries at this event, divided into two groups, and the Miners just scored a real coup!
S&T’s crew made the Top 3 in Group B Design, and now get to present their design before a more stringent set of judges. Making design finals earns the Miners at least a $250 check, and a smiling James Anderson says “now we are playing for real money!” The $250 goes to the 6th-place team, and if the robotics team moves up the list, so does the prize money.
This is the Miner’s first major accomplishment in four years of IGVC efforts. Ken Boyko, Mike Chrisko and James just raced back to the hotel to don their “Sunday-go-to- presentation clothes” (it IS Sunday, you know), and will run a quick rehearsal just before their 2:00 p.m. time slot.
Meanwhile they’ll postpone qualifying attempts until after presentation finals. Kevin Howe will take the time add a little more video data to Aluminator and they’ll head out to the field. It’ll probably be tomorrow before we hear how much farther S&T had advanced, but as soon as we know, you will.


  1. Chris Vincent says

    Congratulations guy! Way to go!