Engineering Employment 101

Lesson #1: Many new engineers have a choice in their first job; management fast track or hands-on engineering. One soon-to-graduate Miner said “I’d MUCH rather work in the engineering department at my first job, because if I want to make a design unnecessarily complicated for the heck of it, all my co-workers will be on the same page.”
Lesson #2: If you want something unnecessarily complicated, give it to a guy. Rube Goldberg wasn’t a woman, after all………..
Lesson #3: If you ask a male engineer how long it will take to design something, the answer will almost always be “oh, about twenty minutes.” That answer will, of course, have no basis in reality.
Lesson #4: If you REALLY want a project done on time, under budget, and with a certain elegance, give the job to a woman.
Lesson #5: If you give the project to a guy, he’ll pad the budget as an excuse to buy that power tool that he always wanted.
Lesson #6: If a woman runs the shop, the floor will be clean and every tool will be in its place. If a guy is in charge the mantra is “I KNOW I have one of those around here somewhere.”
More lessons to follow………