The First Tenants In Chez Doolittle

DSC_3401_2TLR.jpgThe SDELC recently took delivery of a brand new gooseneck cargo trailer that will be shared by many of the center’s teams. Aside from plenty of lights, tie-downs and electrical outlets, the Doolittle trailer is pretty basic, but the Baja SAE Team is delighted to haul it cross-country on its first official function.
The new rig has plenty of storage area up front to store air mattresses, sleeping bags, and any number of sleep-deprived Miners, so they only have to fall out of bed to work on the car. It’s big enough that they can work on the car during the rain and hailstorms we’ve been getting out here, and work out on-line directional engineering problems such as “where’s the nearest fast-food joint?”