Missouri S&T Autonomous Robotics Team Hits The Road

This weekend marks the annual robot-roping contest known as the Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition (IGVC), held at Rochester Hills, Michigan, a little north of Detroit.
The Miners’ Robotic Competition Team has struggled at the event the past few years (to be fair, so do about 80-90% of the international teams on hand), but they are cautiously optimistic this year that their robot can operate between the lines, avoid obstacles, and overcome various terrain changes, all the while finding its way to the end of a convoluted “race” course without human intervention or guidance.
Consider this a “teaser”, as we’ll have more reports from the field* Sunday and Monday.
In the meantime here is team leader Chris Vincent’s road journal:
“So no pictures today (roads are all generally the same – yellow line, dashed white line, solid white line). Good news however: despite leaving an hour behind schedule, with the help of a few 17 minute meal/bathroom/fuel stops and a generous itinerary put together by a forward thinking administrator who knows his team all too well, we were able to make check into our hotel rooms exactly on time (10:30). All even with the fact that we saw more construction cones today than our robot will see on courses in its entire life.
Bed now. Register tomorrow.
Chris Vincent
(Forward Thinking Administrator)”
* The field is just that. A big, gently rolling field good for touch football, frisbee, and parking for a nearby performing arts venue. Check in Sunday night for updates.