New Baja Race Car Hits The Road!

While some S&T students have been partying through the gonzo games, follies, coronation, (not to mention two days of no class) and other St Pat’s festivities, a dedicated core of SAE Baja Team members have been working their “green” off to get their ’09 mud bug ready for competition.
Each student design team sets up production time schedules that sometimes consist of a little wishful thinking, the machine-shop version of cramming for finals. St Pat’s week celebrations serve as a great benchmark of a team’s progress, an opportunity for teams to have a coming-out party and display their projects to the public, and the resurgent Baja team is a great example.
Team Leader Casey Boyer, Matt Callaway, and other Baja grease monkeys kept the SDELC shop facilities humming during the run up to St Pat’s and managed to debut the new rock-crawler with some crowd-pleasing wheelies during the annual parade. Casey and other team members have quietly given up their spring break holiday to stay in town and work on the car because there is still quite a bit of work to do. Seat belts, fire walls, painting, fuel containment systems, and that all-important sponsor signage still have to be installed on the yet-to-be-named vehicle. Throughout the finishing work the team will continue to test and re-test to root out any design flaws in the weeks before competition. With a more than 50% drop-out rate during the chaotic 4-hour endurance race it is critical that the team test, test, and re-test all their systems prior to heading to Auburn, Alabama in mid-April.
Baja fans will be disappointed to hear that there will be no amphibious event this year so there are no plans for floatation chambers on the car. We do understand that the course will involve some pretty tough rock-crawl elements, so the Miners’ new car is designed with pretty high ground clearance.