While We Wait For Competition Results……………

We understand that the official competition results may take several more days, so we thought we’d take a serious moment to tell you more about this event. In our view IGVC is focused on sending machines where we don’t want to send people, for reasons of economy or safety. To that end there were many industry and government representatives in attendance at the event, including one especially heavy hitter,

Senator Carl Levin, Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee. Senator Levin toured the event and described to the students how unmanned systems have saved American lives in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. There was even one example on hand of a battle-damaged robot, so that students could get an up-close idea of the threats faced in that part of the world.

Senator Levin commented on how important the students’ work is, because these girls and guys, from schools big and small, will be directly involved in building the next generations of autonomous vehicles that will serve our nation, and society in general.

While the Miners didn’t field their long-term robot "Stereo Optikon" in the event, they did display its sophisticated their speedy all-wheel-steering machine to other teams, It even attracted significant interest from defense contractor Raytheon. This IS serious business.