IGVC Robotics Results Are In!

Officials from the Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition have finally released the scoring results, and S&T has something to brag about! The IDE rookie robot builders’ "triMAXion", riding high on their 6th-place Design Award, landed a very respectable 14th place out of 26 qualifying teams, many of which have been in this event for some time.
"Aluminator" suffered badly when a system that recorded its location failed. The machine could see its surroundings and proceed cautiously, but couldn’t "remember" where it had been. The best analogy we can think of is the wacky "Dory" from "Finding Nemo". Plenty of enthusiasm and good intentions, but lacking the synapses to bring it all together. Suffered from a robotic lobotomy, one could say.
Anyway, look for Stereo Optikon to make a strong showing next year.