Canoe pics

OK, in case you can’t tell, the splashing on the left is NOT geese diving for food. It is an unidentified Miner coming to the surface using a kick-stroke. Word is that our bow paddler was swinging the paddle so frantically that he didn’t realize he was splashing water INTO the boat. The faster he went, the deeper the boat settled. Wonder what the rear admiral was doing all this time?

And now after he jettisoned his bow-buddy, the rear admiral begins his solo slog to the finish……..

This may turn out to be a struggle between pride and hypothermia………..

………and to the cheers (or laughter) of the other contestants, nears completion of the race. At least he didn’t go down with the ship.
While no one can say the guys didn’t finish the race, maybe they can take some lessons from the women, who clearly seem to know that you keep the water UNDER the boat……….

Maybe that’s why Miner women tend to take more leadership positions on campus, have higher GPAs, and stay drier.

You know, we may have missed the point…………….
There is an old saying, "When In Rome, Do As The Romans Do". Since they were in Fayetteville, maybe we we just being gracious guests and chose to emulate the host’s (in)famous "Hogtanic"
We simply couldn’t resist.