We Bring You This Intermission……….

OK, here’s the situation. It is 4 in the afternoon, 35 degrees outside and blowing hard, raining on the race course and there is a winter weather advisory for tonight. Would YOU want to ride a bicycle 60-80 mph down a dark highway? Didn’t think so, and neither do the folks here, so racing is cancelled for tonight. Guess that means that wind speed is just a little too high to set a valid record, but wouldn’t THAT tailwind be fun to watch, eh?
Anyway, Andrew and Craig report that StreaMiner has been made slicker than ever, and they’ll bet the house on tomorrow night’s run.
By the way, did we mention that Battle Mountain is a mining town? Wouldn’t it be appropriate for the Miners to be the collegiate champions? GO MINERS!


  1. Good luck guys,
    Bear in mind that the 61.49 mph single rider college mark that you are chasing was set by a 30 year old national class sprinter, Jeff Solt, who rode the UC Berkeley bike to this speed in 1993. He had set the USA Cycling Kilometer record in the age 30+ category that same year.
    Another rider on their team, Mike Prime rode the same bike to 61.29 mph. I believe he was about 25 years old and a PhD student at the time. Both of these runs were made in 1993 at the Colorado Speed Challenge held on the same course in Colorado where the World Record had been set by three UC-Berkeley graduates the year before with the Cheetah. Both bikes had alot of similarities.
    UC Berkeley still has the tandem 200-meter world record of 68.41 mph set in 2002 at Battle Mountain. This is the overall college record, and was set by "typical" college student-athletes, Andy Jaques-Maynes & Lance Doherty .
    Besides these two marks, Cal Poly went 59.89 mph in 2004 at Battle Mountain. Their rider, Ron Layman was a "typical" 22-year old student athlete who I met at this event.
    Currently, as of Wednesday night, Jerrod Bouchard, with his 58.29 mph run after he had to slow down while overtaking another vehicle on the course is right behind them on the All-Time list of Fastest Cyclists. Good luck to you guys!
    I’m a statician for HPVA racing. See my website of Fastest Bicyclists if interested at URL given above.
    Mike Mowett