Steel bridges and wood paneling

The Steel Bridge Team is competing right now (photo by Bob Phelan) in a regional event at KU. The idea is to design the best bridge possible (scaled down in size, of course) — but the teams must also be able to put their bridges together and tear them back down as efficiently as possible. A number of tests are run on the bridges. As a source close to the UMR team tells us:

They were allowed a maximum deflection of 2.00 inches. They achieved 1.95 inches. That’s a little too close for comfort. Or maybe very nearly perfect engineering.

We’ll have the final results from Lawrence, home of the Chickenhawks, on Monday. But before we leave you — get a load of that paneling in the background of the photo above. Maybe they just got done hosting a macrame convention or something?
P.S. Did you know that Lawrence is also the home of the great Bill James and the late William Burroughs?